Dose of Reality

I would love to wax poetic on the joys of motherhood and the day my firstborn came to the earth, but instead I am having a hard time not being down right mad.  All I could come up with yesterday was: around this time, I was getting an epidural…not sure that’s what Phoebe wanted to reminisce about.

I’ve been sick for a week (again).  I have been sick on and off since November…with colds and stomach flu and chest colds and sinus infections and other mischief.

And I sit here wondering: is it because I tried no allergy meds this fall/winter? Is it because I run outside? and for a long time?

But the whole family is getting sick too, so I think it’s just the environs.  I even have a humidifier this year.

I buy HALLS in the VALUE pack now…and I read the little pick me up messages on the wrapper and just get madder.

Also, I can’t taste anything…so there isn’t even a spot of enjoyment in eating.

I haven’t run since Thursday.  I have a new pain in a spot on my toe that is dangerously close to the bunion place.  Also a source of anger.

I’m trying to find my happy place.  But it’s pretty hard right now.


7 responses to “Dose of Reality

  1. Sickness is LAME. I hope you feel better soon.

  2. Everyone I know (including my own small family) has been sick off and on all winter. In various places across the country, too. It’s insane, and I’m ready for the spring.

    I hope you all start feeling better soon, for good.

  3. This has been a particularly hard cold season for me too. It seems like I get well for a couple of weeks and then something else hits. Not being able to taste or smell is the worst. Hang in there.

  4. I had a really bad virus several years ago and, to this day, I cannot taste most foods, so if you only have to deal with that for a few weeks, that isn’t so bad, now is it? Hope you fell better soon.

  5. Even all the way out in France we had the same problems. Yucky! Sounds like you need a coffee date! X

  6. That’s a downer. Take all the hugs you can get and prayers. Even though your taste buds are on vacation, eat well to restore what running is using up. I hope you recover quickly.

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