There have been so many dramas around teeth the past few weeks! Lolly and Phoebe both have these new white, sharp little teeth growing in in places that look like they will never EVER be straight.

I finally turned in my temporary teeth (picture acrylic nails as teeth for 6 months) for real porcelain beauties.  My what a long road since that plum.

When I walked into my appointment, the first thing my dentist said was: You’re not wearing makeup! Apparently he wanted a nice AFTER shot (you’d think he’d take a few grand off the pricetag for the free modeling services!!!????)…I told him NEXT TIME…

He tried the new teeth onto the posts for fit and took lots of photos, and when he sprayed them with the air gun (to get rid of shine from saliva), one of them fell out onto my bib.  He said: “Good thing that didn’t fall on the floor. That would have been BAD. REALLY BAD!” and started laughing.

I really like my dentist…he makes it fun to go to the dentist, but if that appointment had been my first appointment, I’m not sure exactly what impression it would have left me with.  Thankfully he has taken great care of me and made my teeth look beautiful.

These I will keep in for a week and then get them permanently cemented in next week.  I am having a few bite issues right now when I go in for S, T and CH sounds….but I think I’m so messed up, my body has no idea where to put the teeth together anymore to make ANY sound.  It’s been a long road…not over yet…but at least I paid the balance of my second mortgage bill today.

BEFORE                                                                                  AFTER

both pix taken with iphone, so really do the teeth no justice. oh well. I look so much like my Mom in that middle one.


One response to “Teeth

  1. Helen Knowles

    It looks very nice – but try getting 4 of them at once, which is what happened to Peter a couple of years ago – reminded me a buying a new car!

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