Remember When? or Campaign for Strange

Remember when several of you came through for me in a major way for that blog prank that some of you thought was a hoot and others of you thought was hateful?

Well, this is not hateful….so read on.

I am trying to campaign to be chosen by Justin Hackworth to be part of his 30 Strangers Portrait Project.  My sisters, mom and I are ALL going to be in Utah at the same time, which NEVER NEVER NEVER happens, during the month of April, so I think we should TOTALLY be picked.

If you want to help…PLEASE:


Hey @justinhackworth you should REALLY pick @kristyglass for 30 Strangers, she’s strange.

and if you blog, you can comment at this post the same thing!

Pretty please? I know you can help….


6 responses to “Remember When? or Campaign for Strange

  1. Not a tweeeeeter… left comment on blog. :::fingers crossed::: :)

  2. Done! Do we need to comment more than once?

  3. Helen Knowles

    Done, but what memories I have of the prank – it was priceless.

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