People Watching: Statements

What is that animal rug this man is carrying in the name of fashion? And here is a man wearing a tuxedo with varying shades of black and blue mixed with a white vest and the blue cumber bun and red scarf, it was too much for me to take in.

I love how these girls wear their religious clothes but also add their touches of pink, even their head-coverings have some color to them, which I don’t see very often.  I ADORE this lady’s glasses and her red lipstick and giant bag.  I love when a Dad sacrifices his personal style for his baby girl.


6 responses to “People Watching: Statements

  1. Don’t you want that animal rug? It’s going on my list.

  2. Yeah…that animal print bag is a refashion gone terribly wrong.

  3. I kind of love the guy in the tux.

  4. that lady and her glasses are totally on to you

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