My Loves February


You got it in your head that you were going to try shrimp, so you and Dad bought and prepared some. After your first bite you declared you had just bit Shrimp Poop, and when Dad told you there was no poop in the shrimp, you polished off about 5 more.  You liked it. Asked for more later.

You are not very good at jumping jacks, and that’s funny.

“Phoebe, I have.” (stops, whispers 3 words, counts fingers)…..”I have 3 words for you! TURN. IT. OFF.”

Giving me a back massage by standing on my back. An amazing discovery during all this running.

“I LOVE going poops. It feels SO nice, doesn’t it?”

You came out on Valentine’s Day, saw all the cards on the table and smiled, then got very sad.   When I asked you why, you replied: I didn’t make any Valentine’s for anyone!

She picked out which snack she wanted and said, Mom, I want the Papercots now. Me: papercuts? L: NO, paperCOTS. Me: Actually, these are called Apricots.


“Mom, I don’t want to be braggy, but I am so excited about being in the spotlight for the school musical. So I might act like, excited to be in the spotlight, but not braggy.”

Putting the handmade Valentine I made you in a special spot in your room…when I saw that, I knew I had gotten the seal of approval.

Loving the little felt heart I made at crafternoon, and wearing it for Valentine’s Day.

Discussing dogs, you suggest we get a Notre Dane.  (you meant Great Dane)

Choosing to read me snippets of an article from QUEENS FAMILY about Tweens and Dating.  Choosing to read about open communication between parent and child. Hearing you read it out loud was hysterical, but I didn’t laugh.

Letting me sleep in on Sunday and taking care of your own bath, turning on the Sunday playlist and watching over Lolly.  It confirms to me that being consistent with trying to set a tone for Sunday (or any day) IS rubbing off on you!

Calling the mandolin pick a plunk and then a puck.  Lolly called it a pin.


Going out to get me ice cream when I really really needed it.

Sharing with me the bad news of the taxes oh dear.

I asked you how I could be a better wife, you replied: “you’re fine.”

Guys at work were discussing a new trend in not wearing wedding bands.  I think they were criticizing it. Then Jason realized and said to his friends: Hey, I don’t think my wife wears her wedding rings….


Watching myself get angry in the baby wranglers demo, I don’t do that so much anymore, I have changed a lot.

The scene with me and the cop…loved it.

Controlling one aspect of my life: running. It is helping so many other aspects of my life as a result.


3 responses to “My Loves February

  1. In the future your family is going to seriously treasure these ” loves” that you record. They are funny, sweet and tender.

  2. You are just sooooo awesome! When I grow up I want to be you. XOXO

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