Makeup Tutorial: Color Coordination

Many women are afraid of wearing makeup because they don’t want to look like they have makeup on.  I hope that the natural makeup tutorials have helped dispel some of that fear.  Now, those of you who love the makeup look, here is a tutorial for you!

Let’s add some color!

Here’s another color coordination I did the other day:

Check out: Wonder Woman Cosmetics at Mac


Next Week: RED LIPS!

It’s not too late to submit a pic of you wearing red lipstick! Email me! kristy at kristyglass dot com


6 responses to “Makeup Tutorial: Color Coordination

  1. I love your makeup tutorial. I have been your fan since I saw you on the Runway Moms.

  2. Very very good! Thank you!

  3. I am both impressed by you and find you super funny at the same time. I am ALWAYS in awe of your eye make-up. Always.

  4. I love your necklace. I’ve been looking for something similar here in the UK and haven’t yet found anything!! Do you mind me asking where you got it from?

    Thanks everso

    • Did I ever respond to this? My husband had it custom made through a jeweler in FL (not sure why there), but it’s just 2 discs and a ball chain…very easy to do. bring pix

  5. will you come live with me and be my personal daily make up artist? or next time i’m in nyc, maybe you could take me shopping and show me how to do this in person. love the turtorials!

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