Look, I fantasize about playing a Disney Princess at Disneyland. And yes, I have been an official Disney Princess, and it was extra special because it was an original princess.  However, I still long to STILL be one still.




And the one I am to be has finally arrived on the scene:

When I saw Tangled, I was completely surprised by the glorious ending! And now, guess who I want to be for Halloween.

Well, to be honest, it’s between post-haircut Rapunzel and an Oompa-Loompa.



6 responses to “Princess

  1. I’m definitely voting for the post haircut Rapunzel.

  2. You crack me up, I’ve got to go see Tangled. You are a Disney Princess waiting to happen. There would be 2 hour lines of little girls who’d wait to talk with you. Heck so would I.

  3. Tangled!

  4. I hate the oompa-loompas! Don’t do it!!

  5. Oompa-loompa it is then!

  6. OOPA-LOOMPA!!!!! You HAVE TO HAVE TO HAVE TO. ANd it will be SO stinking funny because you are so tall!

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