People Watching

Welcome to a new post series for 2011.  PEOPLE WATCHING.

I shamelessly stare at people and then take their picture, especially when I am on the train.

When this gal sat down, her smile engaged me so.  The way she stared straight ahead, I thought for sure she could see her boyfriend through the train on the other platform.  I turned to look, and didn’t see anyone, but figured I just couldn’t identify who it was.

When the train started going and she continued to move her head from side to side, I figured the only person she was looking at was herself.  I recognized this smile and nod motion (repeated several times) from my own children.  They cannot have a conversation eye-to-eye if the blinds in my front room are up, because they get too distracted by their gorgeous reflection in the window.  Nor can they concentrate in their music lessons if the black pianos are polished too a shine, because their faces reflected back in the black body of the piano, is just to much for them.

I thought it was a kid thing, but apparently, when you grow up, you can just as easily get distracted by your gorgeousness:

She did stared at herself for like 4 stops.


8 responses to “People Watching

  1. I lived in NYC one summer while in college and I was told that you shouldn’t make eye contact with strangers. This cultural norm was different than my west coast upbringing, so I found myself making eye contact with my reflect all of the time while riding the subway.

    • Kristy Glass

      Trina, so interesting. I would say that in general eye contact is just fine. I’m certain that girl was not following that rule! What year was that? Wondering if it was decades ago?

      Sent from Kristy Glass’ iPhone

  2. That is hysterical. Like you, I thought that it was just a kid thing, but it clearly is not! She looks so enchanted by her reflection! Too bad we all can’t love the way we look like she does.

  3. So funny! Would love to know what song(s) she was listening to. She was clearly in her own world.

  4. You made my day!! Too Funny!

  5. Ha ha. When a girl is staring at herself, it sure makes it easier to take her picture without her knowing! That was so funny in Disneyland when you just kind of walked by and took a pic of a lady in an ugly Christmas sweater without even putting your eye through my camera.

  6. Could she have been listening to an audio feed of Stuart Smalley’s affirmations from SNL?

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