I’m a flutist

She touched the necklace (that I originally bought for me to wear in support of her on concert days) around her neck, and rubbed the silver flute charm between her fingers and said: Mom, this is my necklace now, I want to wear it every day because….I am a flutist.

*NOT pronounced flautist, as many people think…it’s flutist….  Dr. Holmes told me so:

Valerie Holmes, Flute, Suzuki Flute, Recorder
Solo recitals and concerto appearances in France, Taiwan, Republic of China, New York, West Coast U.S. Winner, Artists International Competition; New York debut, Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall. D.M.A., Manhattan School of Music; M.M., B.A., San Jose State University. Teaching Certification, Columbia University Teachers College. Flute studies with Louis Moyse, Carol Wincenc, Harold Bennett. Suzuki Certification, University of Eastern Tennessee. Faculty, Special Music School; Lucy Moses School; French Conservatory of Music; Brooklyn-Queens Conservatory of Music; Nyack College. Prep Center faculty since 1989.

I was so proud of her today.  After months of practicing, she played her pieces in the right order, stayed focused the entire time, and obviously felt great about it-just look at the expression on her face!

See for yourself:


9 responses to “I’m a flutist

  1. Last night I could see bits of the waist ruffles, a tease, her dress was like frosting on the cake. Picture in your mind if she’d been dressed in play clothes, all dressed up she performed in a more formal way. Don’t we all carry ourselves differently dressed up in a special outfit. Lolly blasted off. . . the sky is the limit now!

  2. I’m speechless.

  3. Helen Knowles

    She’s so serious, but has that grin peaking through from time to time. Now I’ll ask a dumb question – when did the shape of a flute change?

    • The curved head of the flute is used when your arms aren’t long enough for the real flute….we have the regular head too, and she will switch to that eventually.

  4. Oh my goodness. ADORABLE. And what a good flutist she is! I admire your patience/perseverance with the practicing and learning. Good for you, mommy.

    And I love how the bald guy is jutting in to your video- I’d be tempted to push him out of the way!

  5. Love this. She looks fantastic, too!

  6. First of all, when did she grow up? Second of all. AWESOME job!!!! So great!

  7. I just can’t believe how young she is and how incredibly capable she is at that young age! She’s gifted and talented fo sho!

  8. Beautiful job! Does she still play the violin too?

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