Today on Today

This morning Lolly & I found ourselves back at the Today Show, this time for winter wear.  It was super fun because I was there with my friends who styled and modeled.

My favorite scene of the day was when James Franco returned from his segment, put on his hat, looked at Lolly, touched the snowball on her hat and said: “Nice hat!” She looked up, saw no one and then kept eating.

I loved my outfit this time and I HAD to have my hat…hey, 12 bucks is not a lot to spend on that gem.  I wore it all day today, and at times thought I had bangs, it’s a bit wig-like.  Those hand warmers I had on were super warm too…and great for texting!

In case you missed it…Here’s the CLIP!




One response to “Today on Today

  1. It’s so cool to have the clip to watch over and over and see what your eyes didn’t see at first. You both look fantastic!

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