Teeth Again.

My tooth became infected.  The assistant to my Docs said 95% of the time patients get an implant and nothing happens.  Are we surprised that I fall into the 5% that does have issues?


I went in and got antibiotics and then a few days later the doc cleaned out the infected tissue from the inside of my implant.  Ew. It hurt.

After I left, my temporary teeth which were one piece, were put back into place as two separate pieces. Yeah! I can now floss between my two front teeth again.

But. My good tooth feels a little wonky, like a little loose.  I called Dr. Dad and he said it might be loose and it might settle and to go in in a few days to have it looked at.  My good tooth? loose? A new test of patience and calming these teeth are.

But here is the most annoying part. The bad tooth has a cover tooth on it and the back of the tooth has a little hole that is filled in with cement to protect the implant. And there is cotton stuck to the silver cement, so it feels like I have little bits of cotton on my tongue all the time.

Like a hair you can’t remove.

And I have tried to figure out how to get the cottony hair off but I can’t, and so I have to wait until tomorrow.

And it’s like so annoying.




3 responses to “Teeth Again.

  1. Sorry! I hope it gets better soon.

  2. My dentist would have smoothed that an covered it so it felt right to the tongue. That is a big issue in his work. I’ve had cracks and chips on my front for over a year, returning several times. That is yucky! You’ve done harder things, you can do this!

  3. I was just at the dentist again yesterday and every time I sit down in that chair I remember how much I HATE DEALING WITH MY TEETH. I am so sorry, friend.

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