I’m not that mom

The doorlady called up and said the girls had a package. Lolly and I went down to get it, and when she was handed the brown box, she hugged it to her chest and said: “I KNOW this is from Grammy.”

Sure enough, it was.  Grammy had sent a Haunted Gingerbread House Kit.

Oh dear. I am so not the gingerbread house mom.

As we looked it over I saw it came with a handy dandy base to prop up the gingerbread house. I started feeling more hopeful.

The girls were pretty excited about getting started. After repairing the large components of gingerbread that had cracked while shipping (this mom should NOT receive the cracked kind), we followed the instructions step by step.

We did pretty well until it was time to decorate. The weight of the sugar candies were too much for our little gingerbread house.  It stayed up for just a few frames until it was razed to the ground by the forces of evil that do not wish gingerbread making on this mom.

We did have fun while raising and then razing our little house, but maybe next time we’ll just make gingerbread cookies!

gingerbread house kit (maybe I should have watched the video)–I didn’t let it dry for 15 minutes. for the record, I do not think anything about that frosting is easy for kids.



9 responses to “I’m not that mom

  1. Haha! Oh well! It was all worth it knowing that Lolly hugged it to her chest and thought it was from Grammy! They look so cute working on it with their aprons. Next year I’ll send the freaky looking cookies that look like fingers!

  2. The built house looks fairly complicated. It created a memory forever whether or not it collapsed. When you travel from home to destination in a costume, do you bother wearing a coat to hide or do you play that role? This activity is slightly genetic, as it is now expressed in the 3rd generation, you.

    • I do not disguise myself. This morning Lolly said: EVERYONE IS STARING AT YOU…as I rode the subway to school with them, dressed as Mrs. Incredible.

  3. I’ve made those “kits” before at Xmas b/c my kids have fun with it (and I’m not a very crafty mom that way either) but in doing it twice, you DEFINITELY have to let it dry once put together (pre-candy). It turns into cement over night I think.

  4. Okay…maybe I’ll give you another shot at it in the Spring with an Easter bunny house!!

  5. Hahahaha!

  6. Honestly, friend, I am uber proud of you for giving it a go :)

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