Girls with Glasses

Dear Pumpkin,

I got my first pair of glasses when I was 11 years old.  I was excited at first, but then I didn’t like them so much, so I couldn’t see for a little while because I refused to wear them! I missed out! I couldn’t enjoy class and I got some bad grades on some tests because my eyes needed help and I just wouldn’t put my glasses on.

When I got older I started wearing my glasses all the time, and a whole new world opened up! I could see! I got good grades! I didn’t have headaches anymore!  I loved my glasses so much, I decided I would only marry a boy whose last name was Glass, so that I could be Kristy Glass.

I’m so excited that you get to wear glasses for even longer than I have!  And someday when you visit me in New York, I’m gonna take you to a very special shop where I got the glasses I’m wearing in my pictures! deal? I think this pair would be great. Fabulous Fanny’s motto: If you have to wear them, make it fun…

Love Mrs. Glass

*Are you a girl with glasses? Share here.


3 responses to “Girls with Glasses

  1. (I love this so much.)

  2. Like pumpkin, I got my first pair of glasses in Kindergarten (yep, the teacher caught me squinting at the board :) I remember my mother taking me to Grand Central and buying me my first Barbie after we purchased the dreaded glasses. What a life-changing moment, to finally be able to see :)

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