For Mrs. Rose

Apparently Mrs. Rose crashed my already barebones home page to make it even more barebones, by searching for cool baby gifts, so I need to bring the baby gifts to her, so that it doesn’t. happen. again. ; )

Let’s Start with some of my favorite Etsy Finds: (a note on etsy, be creative with the words you search, I suggest searching for words that include favorite colors, subjects, professions, hobbies—you will find the most random awesomeness…and not so awesomeness)

I just discovered this shop: giggle garden
I’m a fan of reuse and the vintage floral print in particular, so I hope the people having babies in my life do too, because I bought a bunch from this shop.

AND, they are having a sale today only:

Burp Cloths

In a similar vibe, I bought a bunch of vintage-print onesies from this shop, there is one left.

I recently bought some upcycled BROOKLYN baby sweats for a Brooklyn Baby who I believe was born last night…check out these cutie Cowboy ones.

Put this shop in your favorites, she doesn’t have anything up now, but I like her offerings.

I love the graphics in this shop, I have purchased RAD and Cassette Tapes.

I think it’s nice sometimes to give gifts for the older baby, because those newborn items run out SO quickly and you find yourself with empty drawers.  I usually give a gift for now and a gift for later. For the later, sometimes you can find a unique item at this shop, I like these pants.

Vintage Lucy has cute unique prints. I like hula hoop girl.

I bought a cool baby gown made out of a motorcycle shop t-shirt here. I like this skeleton nightgown.

*Amongst my recent baby gift purchases, I came across this shop for hospital gowns….I would totally buy one (pregnant or not) if they had a realistic looking just-given-birth girl as their photo.  THIS girl has GOT to be a stand in. And she’s so tan.

*added 8/25: Mohawk HATS. LOVE!


I am a big fan of EEBOO
A newborn will not sit down and play a memory game, but it is a beautiful and thoughtful, well-made item that is nice to throw into the gift. Also would be good for an older sibling perhaps?

Moma Store is worth a peek….I like this city in a bag, which happens to be by Muji I think…also maybe for the older sibling, or a gift to grow into.

I just discovered Warm Biscuit, go poke around there for me, tell me what you find.

I like the Kiehls store, and I think including a little something for mom, dad or baby would be nice.

I believe it should be a rule that new mothers do NOT need to send ANY thank-you gifts for services and gifts acquired around having a baby, but in case you have THAT friend that you KNOW will send them anyway, why not help her get started by giving her these beautiful cards?

I love the gift of books…board books are the best, my favorites include: HAND, HAND, FINGERS, THUMB, Sandra Boynton Books, Brown Bear by Eric Carle, GUESS HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU, and I am sure there are more…it’s been a LONG time.

I hope that helps Mrs. Rose.  There are a gajillion mommy bloggers that do this all day for a living so you should definitely search and crash those blogs too.


5 responses to “For Mrs. Rose

  1. Helen Knowles

    Thanks for pointing out giggle garden – I bought two bibs and a quilt!

  2. Mrs. Rose thanks you. And laughs out loud while reading, too. ;o)

  3. Helen Knowles

    Nice to know I bought from a familiar seller – thanks for the suggestion K.

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