I Heart New York: Kristie Larsen

Kristie Larsen is a SAHM of three boys under the age of 5. After living in Queens NY for 5 years, she recently moved to Westchester County where she enjoys time in the yard with her boys. She enjoys papercrafts and cardmaking, blogging, guitar playing, singing, reading and any other activity that may involve good food.

I Heart New York
By Kristie Larsen

I love you New York.

No matter where one is from, you speak our language. No matter the color of our skin, you have a place for us.

We may drive like a maniac, swear like a sailor and act like a banshee but you don’t disown us.

You have stinky streets yet delectable eats. You have the sun and sky, glass and steel. You have every kind accounted for and living shoulder to shoulder.
You require a gratitude for simple things and manage to create a love between the strangest of neighbors.

I love you New York because 6 years ago we were tired and poor, but ready for an adventure. In comparison to you, we were a different world. You took us in and taught us what it meant to be tough but kind, strong but malleable.  We were yearning to breathe free and you provided the wind.

I am not from here, but you are mine now. I love you as the place that has given us a home. You opened your arms to our ambitions and provided a reality that we could hold. You welcomed us and slowly we have learned about each other. My love for you has grown from a seed of infatuation to the soft calm of devotion. I love you because you have loved me, taught me and now nurture my three newborn babes. We are growing here, learning here and loving it here.

I love you New York.


One response to “I Heart New York: Kristie Larsen

  1. Aw, Kristie – I miss you guys! I remember having dinner at a diner in Queen with you when Ronin was in your tummy – about to pop. It was right before I moved. Now you’re in Westchester with two more boys…. ! Crazy. You guys are the best.

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