I have been eating out a lot these past few weeks. A lot.

I’ve been trying to eat meals that land in the $5- range.

Hale & Hearty medium-sized yellow & split pea soup

Maoz Vegetarian-Falafel sandwich

Shake Shack-Shack Burger

Sigmunds-Cheddar Jalapeno Pretzel

Ray’s Pizza-Caprese Pizza Slice

To all of these I could add stuff on….fries and a shake at the shack, sweet potato fries at maoz, a full pretzel sandwich, more pizza….but then the meal would no longer by $5!

But! Then I decided to try to lose a few pounds for an upcoming audition, and none of these choices are going to aid me in the rapid weight-loss situation. Day one of the diet, I skipped the bread that came with the soup at H & H.  After polling my peops, they agree: cut the carbs. I do eat a lot of carbs.

I do still think that these $5- options are excellent and if you are ever NYC, please check ’em out!


4 responses to “$5-

  1. kage,
    for another delish lunch – found the greatest little secret place close to where I think you have a lot of auditions – its on 18th between 6th and 7th and called Telegraphie Cafe. The most delicious salads for about 5 dollars (the “half” salad – though seriously big enough for a full lunch) ordered at a counter but then served on real china with real silverware by the sweetest french ladies. It looks like nothing from the outside but you will love! I feel like its quite a steal. And should you be in said neighborhood on any mon-wed-friday – call me, that’s right where i work. xoH

  2. oh! and limelight marketplace just opened yesterday on 20th and 6th in old limelight club. tons of food and shopping options, too!

  3. Oh, shame on you for planting the Jalapeño pretzel in my brain :) Now I have to seek one out.

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