Phoebe has an assignment to raise money for her school.  She is gathering pledges from family and friends and beyond that, she wanted to play in the public!

She asked her Dad to take her, his response: “Um….no.”

I managed to carve out a little time amongst the many rehearsals and performances I had going on, and we headed to a lucrative intersection.

She played her entire repertoire and we noticed the most dollars going in the case when she played one piece in particular (Concertino by Bachlanava).  It was so interesting to see who would donate.  One man who seemed to have been out all night with a bottle in hand, crossed the street out of his way to donate a few bucks.  We got a few 5 dollar bills which was always exciting! Two people pulled over to donate: a cabby and the Department of Sanitation!

Lolly got in on the action too and managed to squeak out a few songs for a few coins. After an hour: $40.31


2 responses to “Busking

  1. That is so cool!

  2. not a bad hourly rate!

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