Rockaway Beech II

I have gotten to sing this music by Andrew Heyman for about a year now. It’s always fun to revisit it and sing with the boys. When I first learned this song I was in a haze of learning an entire show in 3 days….which means sometimes I don’t have all the elements of individual pieces in my head.  When I do rapid-fire readings, sometimes its just about words and rhythms, and that’s especially important when I accidentally tear my paper out of the binder when turning it during the reading and it goes flying and then I have nothing to look at, no point of reference and have to make it up (oh, I didn’t blog about that experience?).

During rehearsal this time, I was like: “OH!, This song is a fight.”  They laughed at me that I was just now realizing this. Sorry, sometimes I’m a bit SLOW.


2 responses to “Rockaway Beech II

  1. i could listen to you sing all day. love you!

  2. Awesome to see you sing! You MUST pursue your musical theater stuff again!!!

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