Big Stock Hit

This week my cousin and two of my friends emailed me that they saw me on the box of a TV. I have heard about this TV box several times prior to these emails. My sister left me a voicemail today telling me I was on a hospital brochure at her OB/GYN. I have learned the stock photo lesson.

And then I started hearing about a Gerber Commercial. My kids were watching Saturday Morning programming and started yelling: Mommy! Mommy! It’s YOU! And there it is:

And there’s no use fighting it. It’s a stock photo. I wasn’t in the union when the photo was taken. I just can’t really care about this or do anything about it.


2 responses to “Big Stock Hit

  1. Yep. That is the very same shot I saw on the TV package I was telling you about :)
    Marc did some stock photography shoots in college 10 years ago and we still see him in very random places…. most recently on some flash cards for learning the alphabet. You know I had to buy those for Owen.

  2. This is the same stock photo that pops up on my Yahoo page at least once a week. My husband will yell, while eating his cereal, “Your friend is back!”

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