Viola Swamp

I volunteered my acting services to Phoebe’s 2nd grade teacher for Halloween week, and she had the brilliant idea for me to dress up as Viola Swamp from the beloved children’s classic of the past 30 years: Miss Nelson is Missing.

I had an ugly black dress (actually a beloved family heirloom), black nail polish and the makeup, but I felt very strongly that I needed the striped crazy tights (found some at Ricky’s for $4.99). I was going to fudge the wig and just attempt making my hair messy or something, but then I read the story. On the last page, we get a view of Miss Nelson’s closet and there is a box that says WIG on it. I knew I had to have a wig. I was trying to justify buying one with my limited budget and then I remembered that I had saved the mullet wig from last year’s halloween, and I was able to pin the hair into buns! Perfect!

Yes, I had to wear this makeup on the subway, to pick up Lolly, to Dunkin Donuts, in a cab, to Phoebe’s school, to Lolly’s casting and back on the subway all the way home. Hey, it’s New York, it’s ok. I kept my umbrella close to my face and my head buried in a book as much as I could. One man said: “Let me guess! You’re a cat!” Nope. Thankfully I had the book on hand so that I could show him the illustration against my face. I still don’t think he got it.

Despite the fact that I really wanted a prosthetic nose, I think the makeup did work for this particular character. When I went looking on the ‘net to find the illustration of Viola Swamp, I found a few other interpretations that you might enjoy:

Nice makeup attempt at Holland Elementary School. Red lips should be exchanged for black I think.

Mrs. Johnson as Viola Swamp.

Childs Playaz is nice.

I like her gloves.

Where are your buns?

Want some more makeup ideas? Scoot on over to Design Mom.


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