Glass Posse’s Got Talent

Without further ado:

Clips from the Talent Show!

I practice piano, right along with Phoebe practicing the violin, every single morning. She made a few mistakes during her first time publicly playing 2 movements of a Concerto, so she was a bit reluctant to bow.

During DH and my song, the whistling that you here is Lolly….thanks Lolz. Phoebe let us know which lyrics we got wrong. Thanks Phoebz. Believe it or not, we practiced a lot…I think we sounded better in rehearsal.

And I love the look on Lolly’s face when she gets applause after her group number. She likes her applause that one. Think an adult made those star necklaces?

I know I have junk in my trunk, but that dress, on that bench at the piano, not helping one bit…


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