Party Report: Part 1

Oh my. I need to recover.

First of all, It’s 10:30 in the morning and I am eating a vanilla tastycake cupcake with vanilla ice cream, as my second breakfast.

Yesterday, as soon as I woke up it was party-hearty central. We needed to decorate and organize and get everything ready for the big day. For some reason every single portion of both my legs were like uncomfortable. I did stretches probably 4 times yesterday…it was so strange. I pushed through it, and sat down for about a half hour at one point, just to gather myself (my legs)…willing them to just cooperate.

My friend nhb made a cake inspired by my other friends design. It turned out so well, and she even delivered it. Seriously, that cake brought us so much joy on so many levels.

This is Carrie helped by sketching a mermaid for all the girls to decorate, as our party enjoyed a mermaid theme. As the girls arrived, they decorated their mermaids…another thrifty way of getting rid of some of my scrapbook supplies.

Our playlist included the soundtrack of broadway’s Little Mermaid, Splish Splash, Beyond the Sea, etc. We played a game that my friend taught me called DANCE ADD ON, to Starry-eyed surprise. There is some video somewhere….not sure if that will appear on the blog…

Another element of the decor was Faerie Tale Theatre’s The Little Mermaid, playing on the tv, with the sound off. Check out the extreme wind machine making the mermaid’s hair look like it’s in the water:

Okay…there is way more….it’s gonna have to be later….


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