On Wednesday I woke up at around noon. I was laying on my husbands side of the bed and I didn’t understand why I felt so fatigued and why I was taking a nap in the middle of the morning when I had a long list of things to accomplish. I didn’t understand why I still had my workout clothes on and all of a sudden I panicked: Where are the kids? What day is it? Why does my head hurt?

I went into the bathroom and saw that I had a goose egg on the right side of my face. I called my husband and asked where my kids were and what day it was and for some reason I concerned him enough to call my friend and get her over to check on me. Once she got to me and saw my injuries she determined I needed to be seen by a doctor. Mine did not have a free appointment until later that afternoon, so my husband came home from work and took me to the ER.

I was admitted later that night and had every single test done over the next few days. My injury was a concussion. I vommitted as soon as I got to the ER and I had to fight knife-like pain all over my head for the first 36 hours.

It didn’t occur to me that I had a seizure or passed out or anything, until I spoke to my Dad today. I told him that half of my teeth were hurting so bad and my jaws were so sore. He explained that that is what a seizure does, it causes clenching of the mouth. That also explains why several different doctors checked my tongue to make sure I hadn’t bitten it.

The other thing that I was really paying attention to was the fact that I started feeling the August Dizzy feeling again on Saturday. The neurologist later explained that those feelings are warnings to my body when a seizure might happen and to pay attention to it.

So I didn’t pass about 3 of my tests and all of them told the same story, that I had some scar tissue from the meningitis that I suffered from in 2003, that promoted seizure activity. Since I only had one seizure, I don’t officially have epilepsy, but I am still being treated with epilepsy drugs, which also means no driving for me for the next year.

My DH was so loving and caring for me from the second he got home to find me on that Wednesday until today when I was bossing him around about breaking me out of the hospital! He even endured about 5 different doctors excusing him from my room so that they could ask me if HE gave me the blue eye. Nope, sorry, I did that to myself and I have NO recollection of how, where or when it happened…chew on that one!

I am glad I got answers and I am glad it is treatable. I am glad that my mom is coming out to take care of me while I recover from my head injury. I am trying not to be down about this new lease in life. I need to start researching right……now!


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