Gradually Going Green: Paper Mache Turkey

At last, the unveiling of the Paper Mache turkey, that if room, will grace our Thanksgiving table. I have not paper mached since I made a dachshund in art class in Middle School. For some reason, I became inspired to figure out how to make it again this year!

It is GREEN, because it is made almost exclusively with materials that I reused. I collected cardboard and paper for about a week, and even used a balloon for the base, that was given to me for free on the street to promote BEE MOVIE. There was an option to make flour glue, but I did not want any mold happening, so I did buy glue, masking tape, pipe cleaners and paints.

Below you will see the process, it’s pretty clear what you do, as you go through the pictures. I would say that the downside of this project is the amount of days it takes. Everything needs to dry completely before going onto the next step. The upside of that, however, was the anticipation that was built up for my girls. They were pretty excited to paint it last night.

I imagined the turkey with many more tail feathers than this, but I just got too tired of make feathers, and I also ran out of time. I also wished the pipe cleaners were a bit longer, I wanted tall and long feathers, not these short, stubby ones.

I like how he turned out. I did the eyes, and I think they express fear, which is perfect for a Thanksgiving Turkey…sorry, but you do taste good Mr. Turkey!


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