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Winter’s Eve

Winters Eve

Winter’s Eve happens the weekend after Thanksgiving. It is several blocks of music on the upper west side.  You can research ahead of  time and find out who and what time and where, but I find it more fun to just happen upon the madness.

I love seeing the ice sculptures each year and the Hungry March Band just doing their thing as they walk the streets. This year we found some clowns, and Lolly was chosen to hold a spinning plate on a dowel rod…that was pretty fun.  She kept trying to bring the plate down as close to her head as possible without touching it.

There was a photobooth, remember our family rule?–must do the photobooth if we happen upon it!  The other night Jason took me on a date to see Lincoln.  I saw a photobooth but I didn’t point it out because I wanted to see if he would spot it and remember the family rule.  How do you think that turned out?

tony kids photobooth

We did not wear the provided props, because I know about lice, and I am never going back (if I can help it that is).  Speaking of photobooths-there is a fun new app I found called Pop Booth:


Good times when you are bored.

Well, Winter’s Eve is something I really look forward to every year, and this year did not disappoint! The weather! The company! The adventure of it all! It was tops.



Just like Jimmy Fallon, I keep landing back in Grease when I think about her.

We got ready. We waited. She came. It’s over. But not really because we have no subway and no school.  I have been tweeting and instaing like mad, because I am one of the lucky ones with power, so you probably already know it all.  In case you don’t, here it is via instagram:

I am most devastated about this:



Joy sums up what I am feeling perfectly. (I am the friend she refers to.)

I am most happy about the neighbor playdate we should have already had:

3 weeks and 8 pounds apart, Pickle lost this HAIR WAR big time.

Thanks to all the texts, tweets, emails, calls, FB messages, prayers.  We felt it and we are fine.  My brother texted me this pic of what he called a graveyard.  Actually, it was where 111 homes used to stand. Can you imagine?


The Color Run

The SECOND I heard about The Color Run, I knew I would be a part of NYC’s Color Run. I put the date on my calendar, and even set an alarm so that I could register the minute it was released on the internet.  I scooped up some white clothes for us and waited all summer to participate!

Friends, it was too short.  Though I wanted to run the whole thing (my girlies…not in the best shape), in the end, I’m glad that I didn’t because it made it last longer.

The girls and I thought it might be fun to be the colorers next time, as opposed to the runners!  What fun! Can’t wait for next year!

Didn’t Jason do a great job documenting? Especially given the circumstances:

It was WAY too loud for the Pickle…but she was a trooper, just held on to her hair for added comfort. Next year-she’ll be in the stroller!

Liberty of London Launch Party

When I read that Purlsoho was having a launch party for a new line of Liberty of London fabric, I decided that the Posse would definitely be attending. I used some Liberty in the Crazy Quilts and of course for Pickle’s bibs.  I tried to buy a bunch at Target when their line came out, but it was swiftly bought up, so I only ended up with a few items.

It was really fun to walk around and be inspired by the beautiful florals that Liberty is so expert at.  We even scored some bags, pencils and post-its in Liberty prints!

I am secretly glad I didn’t indulge in any Liberty Fabric at the event, because I just found out that the ENTIRE inventory of Purlsoho is 20% off through tomorrow!  You betcha I am going to visit!


Blogher 2012 is IN THE HOUSE, so to my out-of-town blogger friends, please visit one of my favorite food establishments!

Skip the cart, head to Sigmunds Pretzels

While there, check out Downtown Yarns, Fabulous Fanny’s, Economy Candy and Pink Olive.
Head to stand

ASPARAGUS “HOTDOG”! Head to Dogmatic

COMFORT FOOD! Head to Chat n Chew

I always order Smashies and Quintessential Macaroni & Cheese, but heard Thanksgiving on a Roll is pretty delicious too.

CHOCOLATE! Head to Max Brenner for your meal AND dessert.

While in Union Square stop by the Union Square Green Market (look for Emu eggs, so beautiful), Fishs Eddy (for your NYC souvenir plate) & ABC Carpet & Home.  If you head north a little ways more you can glance up at the Flat Iron Building and get a custard at the Shake Shack (that’s the b line–the short one!).

PRETZEL CROISSANT! Head to city bakery
The hot chocolate here is like melted candy bars! After you pick up a treat, stop by Books of Wonder and Adorama.

HOMEMADE HO HO! Head to bouchon bakery

They rotate their pastries though, so if they don’t have these in stock, go for the Raspberry Almond Croissant.

BACON WAFFLES AND STRAWBERRY BUTTER!  Head to good enough to eat

BEST COOKIE! It’s a toss up between levain bakery & potbelly’s –you decide!


I go for the focaccia and sweet potato spread starter that I eat while I dream about my meal.

CREAM PUFFS! Try Beard Papa’s Cream Puffs

The upper west side is pretty vast, but a few of my favorite stores are Lush, Knitty City, Yarntopia, Century 21 & fresh. You could also check out Lincoln Center while you’re up there.

PIZZA! Try patsy’s or grimaldis
Best location for Patsy’s: 1312 2nd Ave.

Best location for Grimaldi’s: 656 6th Ave. (Don’t go under the Brooklyn Bridge)

BACON BRUNCH? BACON BROWNIE? RASPBERRY LEMONADE? You have to go to Sage Just take the 7 from Times Square 5 stops….going to Queens is cool!

ICE CREAM? Best in the boroughs is at Malu

MACARONI & CHEESE? Head to Macbar in Soho

CUPCAKE! None are worth eating but those made at sprinkles
I prefer banana with dark chocolate frosting, but really, I have not had a cupcake there that isn’t the most delicious thing on the island of Manhattan.

Figment 2012

When I wrote FIGMENT in my calendar for June 9th I tried to picture just exactly what that would look like being 3 days from my due date.  I pictured a slow pace, lots of water and sadly, some waddling.

I am happy to report that the weather could not have been more perfect, and not only was I not waddling, I even jogged a few times!

This was our 3rd time going to Figment!  It feels like more for some reason.  Maybe because last year we took both girls’ entire classes on a field trip to Figment.  Since there was no Friday eventing this year, that was not an option and that was just fine with us.

We took the East River Ferry there instead of the free one.  It was a pleasant ride down the East River, and super comfortable (compared to the very crowded, but super short Governor’s Island Ferry ride), plus we got to skip the subway completely.

The miniature golf (which debuts at Figment and stays running all season) was the only priority for the girls, so we went straight there.  There is so much to look at and do at Figment…here are a few pix showing the fun we had:

This mini golf hole was designed by Lolly’s pre-school, so we ended up seeing some friends on the course we hadn’t seen in a few years. That was a fun surprise.  Phoebe loved the Giant Puppets Save the World birds.

We played checkers, pushed buttons, explored Lady Liberty’s face, made spiders, made wishes, made paper, made coin purses out of Capri Sun wrappers, heard a lullaby, saw some crazy costumes, played golf, rode a solar-powered carousel, and looked and looked and looked.  It was a great day.

Fire Museum

I have had some events on my calendar for a while, and I have been full of anticipation for said events to help me get through the last leg of pregnancy…

I decided to chaperone a field trip for the first grade.  We went to the Fire Museum.

A highlight of the trip was our commute there when all of the first graders simultaneously spotted the billboard with the naked lady.  You can see Lolly trying to block it from view. It was hysterical.

Our tour guide Wally was so vibrant–78 years old and full of life! A retired firefighter, he must have said HOLY  MACKEREL 15 times while describing the awesome items at the museum.

During the fire simulation, when the kids all had to “fall and crawl” to safety, I played the FIREFIGHTER. I had to see that all the kids were unharmed and then save 2 who were stuck in the building. I was a hero.

Did you know of 12,000 NYC Firefighters, only 29 are female? Whoa! I think I was the first 9-month pregnant firefighter in history on that field trip.

Spending time with Lolly and her class = a great way to spend the day.

Twiggy Shoot

I have had some events on my calendar for a while, and I have been full of anticipation for said events to help me get through the last leg of pregnancy…

Last week I took my pregnancy portraits with Wendy of Blue Lily.

I can’t remember where the idea came from, but MONTHS ago I decided the theme of the shoot would be: Twiggy gets knocked up.

I gathered images from the interwebs for inspiration:

Then I did some shopping on etsy and got those pieces altered to fit my pregnant non-twiggyish figure.  I did some makeup practice and then bought the items that I needed to make it even better (thank you mac, you always come through).

Whoo! Those lashes…I was lucky to get it right without REALLY practicing it again before the shoot date.

I rode the subway with my first complete look on and totally caught this guy taking a picture of me.  A man of my own heart.  I totally would have taken my picture too. I looked ridiculous…don’t forget I had a HUGE belly to go with the face and the outfit. awesome.

I scouted locations through an architecture book I borrowed from a friend and found this AWESOME building which unfortunately was shrouded with scaffolding when we arrived! GRRRRR….

But Wendy spied some benches like those around the corner so we did some shots there and at Southstreet Seaport.  We also found a secluded little courtyard way downtown-ideal for privacy while shooting and CHANGING on the streets of NYC!

We ended the shoot at the Trump Building because that crazy globe was built in the 60’s! I learned a lot about the buildings in NYC while looking through that book.  Jen helped me with my jewelry for that look–love how the earrings match the globe!

We had so much fun–the weather was PERFECTION and I even ran into to two different friends while shooting. Bizarre.  I cannot wait to see the finished result.

9/11 Memorial

For some reason I was under the impression that the 9/11 Memorial had a huge, months-long waiting list.  Then a friend came to town and I did some research on my phone and saw tickets were available THAT DAY to visit.

My midwife appointment is in the same neighborhood as the Memorial, so I took Whitney and her son today, and it was quite stunning.

I wanted to read up on it more, but I haven’t had much time today.  From what I understand, there is a spout of water representing each victim.  The names are beautifully etched into the borders of the footprints of each tower.  One name claimed the chain of Whitney’s bracelet.  If only I had had my crochet hooks with me-I think I could have saved it.  Instead we left a little gold chain in the B of this name.

It was chilling to think about the victims, especially when we read something like “her unborn child.”  The campus of the memorial is beautiful with gorgeous trees and it feels so vast compared to the rest of downtown.

I find the Financial District to be so confusing-I lose my sense of direction, the streets are narrow, it is very crowded-but the memorial felt big and bold and just the right tribute to 9/11.

*collage courtesy of ipiccy, my new picnik : ) sigh.


I have many many things planned for each weekend between now and Pickle time.  This past weekend was no exception.

In the morning Jason went on an “epic bike ride”–80 miles–farthest he has ever ridden.  Meanwhile at home, after some concentrated practicing for School Instrument Evaluations next week, we all headed to the Manhattan Stake Street Fair. (In our church, an organization of many congregations is called a Stake.)  We are not part of the Manhattan Stake, but know some families that are, so we decided to support the fair.  I am so glad we did because not only did I eat a delicious cheeseburger for lunch, I also got to see several of my Manhattan friends. I even met a girl whose blog I follow, so that was fun.

Phoebe and I recently made up a new family rule: Whenever you stumble upon a photobooth, you must take pictures in it.  So we did.

After that we headed to NYPL’s Crafternoon.  The creator of Sis Boom Fabrics was there helping us make garland.  Jennifer Paganelli was personable, cool, quirky and fun.  It was great to see her in action and her fabrics are awesome. I brought some scraps home for my next crazy whatever project. (crib bumper?)  The girls were working on a super secret banner. Mine was not so secret, a welcome banner for Pickle.

Crafternoon was so cool because for a little over an hour my girls and I sat at the same table, and I swear, uttered nary a word.  We were creatively inspired and concentrating on crafting. It was awesome.

After Crafternoon Phoebe had a studio recital, and though the children were talented and the music interesting, we were all so sleepy by the time it was over.  We headed to Patsy’s for my favorite pizza.  Lolly’s piece was pregnant. (the crust had one of the biggest bubbles we have seen!)

When we left the pizzeria I realized we were so far east that maybe it would be fun if we just walked home. 1 hour and 3 miles later we made it home.

It was really fun to walk with the girls over the bridge, spying all the sites that J and I see whenever we run that route.  We all deserved an ice cream after that.

PS. Did you know Nie was in my city this weekend? I follow her on instagram and was DYING to know how close she was and I wasn’t running into her!!!  But look! She posted my tweet on her blog! Fun!