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This post is for carrie, who asked about my hair yesterday…..

I am drawn to the Victory Rolls lately. I have been reading about them in my vintage hairstyles book and watching some youtube how-to’s.

Here are my first few experiments.  Sadly, both days were EXTREMELY humid..so I am hoping to have better success in Utah at my sister’s wedding:

hair 2 hairI wish it would stay looking all tousled like picture 3 of 4, but I think it would just fall way flat….kind of like the first set of pix.  Again–it was VERY moist on both days that I experimented. I also learned not to sleep in the rollers–I suffered from an aching neck for a few days. NOT WORTH IT.

Jason of course kept saying: your hair.

He knows after 15 years together to just go with it.


hairI cut Lolly’s hair!  After, I made sure to blow dry it under to conceal any mistakes.  I am not the BEST hair dresser and her hair goes on forever! She looks pretty darling with it, though I will miss the high bun!

hair 2


amazing hairHer hair in the tub is still pretty killer.

Holiday Hair

Holiday HairI was in a houseful of girls with gobs of hair, so we did some pintubing and came up with all sorts of great Christmas Sunday looks.  See the girls’ buns featured in their Christmas Eve Music Video.  In our New Years Video we just went for teasing and Aquanet.  I had a fun time.

Hairy Pickle

Sometimes she wakes up with the craziest hair.

People Watching: Dreadlock

I have never seen a dreadlock situation quite so humongous.  It reminded me of a huge chewed up tootsie roll or something else, less candy-like.

I imagined it was probably quite a heavy load to carry around and there might be hidden objects to be found and that perhaps it smelled, but I didn’t get close enough to see if I was right about any of those things.  Is there hair in their from the 1960’s? How long did it take to become that piece of hair art?

Dreads always make me wonder how the scalp feels and if it ever feels clean and fresh. I will never know, because I think I can safely say, I will never have dreadlocks.

They’re getting so big!


After growing out their hair for Sam’s wedding since forever, it was time for the girls to do a little choppity-chop.  Jason and I grieved the loss of Phoebe’s unique blonde hair, and let her get the cut she was pining for.  Lolly of course had a difficult time committing to anything until we got to the salon.  When I saw that her favorite stylist was available, I asked Nikki to cut Lolly’s hair, because I knew Lolly would accept whatever Nikki did.

My plan worked!  Lolly didn’t shed a tear or protest for a moment, even though she was denied a round of bleaching that she requested.  Jason was feeling apprehensive about the new do’s, but when he saw a photo, he quipped: “They look SO much better….”

As an added bonus, we donated two ponytails of blonde hair to a child in need of some.  Not sure if the ponytails were quite long enough, but we sure hope they put it to good use for a nice short bob wig!

Sidenote: Lolly has 3 times the hair Phoebe does and still has new sprouts (that stick up about an inch from her part) coming in.  She inherited crazy Jason hair…

New Year! New Look!


I saw a headshot on facebook that I quite liked and inquired of the photographer.  I clicked on over to his website, and he had me at: “Hi, I’m Billy!”

I was planning on June for my photoshoot, but the perfect weather could not be passed up on Wednesday, and Frankie gave me the perfect trim for the occasion:

Billy did an awesome job, I especially liked how he kind of cut off each set with a flamboyant hand gesture. His hair was pretty rad too. I had a lot to choose from and above are a few of my faves.

This one kind of surprises me, I look all grown up. See that awesome background? It’s panel’s from The River, an art installation on the highline that I quite love.

I can’t believe how many headshots I have had taken since 1997 when I got started in this crazy business.  I used to only wear black at my sessions, so it’s nice that I am wearing black in this one, which feels like a fond look back and lots of foresight too.

I didn’t print this one, but I think it will go on the website and it’s right here too. Hi!


I’ve been practicing the hair from my commercial shoot last month, and I’m feeling like I’m getting it. And I like it. It’s new, fresh, different. It lifts my spirits a bit….and so does the necklace and the tee and the cardi.  I am excited for the weather to let up a bit so that I can ACTUALLY wear this, and not just dress up in it for a few minutes.