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Pickle Works

Pickle has been a little busy lately.  Last week she worked for Macy’s twice.  She walked into the holding room and kissed this little boy right on the mouth.  Later they were paired up to shoot this look.  She was laughing HYSTERICALLY at the wrangler.  I blame it on the fact that she boycotted her nap for 3 hours that morning….but the hysteria gave the results they needed!

pw1On Thursday she was called in again, and this time she did 2 looks.  She was paired with Orion again and then paired with a younger baby, who was much more smiley than she was.  Thursday was not as giddy as Monday.  We were in a holding room with what felt like 1000 babies!  It was a long morning!

pw3This week she booked Bloomingdales.  She was so excited about the puppy that the stylist had brought.  It was a little distracting having him around.  I offered my wrangling services to the photographer, but there were no less than 3 or 4 people at any given time, doing that job to the max.  They could have used a few tips from me, but I just tried to stay out of it.

After a little bit Pickle turned a bit grumpy, so I thought a little snack might be the ticket.  As we headed over to the food table, she THREW UP! What!? I picked her up in an effort to save the wardrobe….getting puke ALL OVER the FLOOR just feet from set.  As I went to clean it up they were all–a mop’s coming.  AS IF I am going to leave the puke there on set.  Of course I cleaned it up and tried to salvage her outfit.


She made it onto set one more time after she puked a second time, and I prayed that they got something and that she didn’t give it to anyone else.


These all publish in late February, early March, so keep your eyeballs peeled please.

In which I tell a story and pray

I am craving pretzels dipped in chocolate and crunched up candy canes as I write this little tale.

Once upon a time Lolly said her head was scratching.  She knew that her friend had been found with lice the week before, and though she had checked, it never hurt to check again.

Found. A mama and her many many eggs.  It was a long night of nit picking and checking and she got to bed late.

Pickle woke up at 5 AM the next morning, the same day of her job.  She laid in bed with her Mom for a bit in hopes of falling back to sleep but then, didn’t.

Her Mom heard her screaming and tantruming in the next room and so her Dad put her back down to sleep.

Together they slept until around 8 AM.

They arrived on set 5 minutes late only after riding in the POKIEST train EVER, transferring to an express that arrived seconds after a local, and the local didn’t wait for the express passengers to cross the platform. rude.  And ended up taking a cab because the next local was too far away.

On set all was well–makeup, check! hair, check! clothes, check! Cute puppy to entertain…. Wearing her accessories, standing in her spot, smiling…suddenly good mood is gone and she seems changed.  She walks off set and then pukes all over the floor.  Her Mom tries to save the wardrobe and does a pretty good job, with the puke instead landing on her new boots and her jeans.  She cleans up the baby, the little spot on her dress and shoes and then cleans up the floor.

Pickle seems to feel better, until she gags again…this time her Mom leaps to her, catches it in her hand and AGAIN saves the dress.

Now she knows it’s probably a bug…not a case of being too wound up by all the wannabe wranglers (hair, intern, art director).  She does one more round but isn’t really feeling it, and Mom is relieved to go home.  When they arrive she finds the cotton cover of her iPad completely drenched from her leaking water bottle and it works just fine except for  the sound…there is no more sound.  The iPad is used 95% of the time as the sound machine for little miss Pickle. No longer.

Let us pray: Thank you for giving me the serenity I need to handle all of life’s little mishaps, as they are piled on top of each other one after the other….Thank you for giving me the peace and calm necessary to stay present and calm and love the children through all they create for me to juggle.  Thank you for letting me be a veteran today, because had this been my first time as a mother on set, that puke might have done me in.  Thank you for the puke landing on the waterproof part of my boot and not the furry part, and thank you for life and living and loving! On to the next hurdle!


Mommy works

I know, I know. I decided to stop working. But every once in a while a little something pops up that gives me a paid break from the most wonderful job in the world and a workout to boot.

I worked a two day casting.

Pick up the baby, place them on the ground, sit/kneel next to them for the slate.

Pick them up and interact with some nuzzles and snuggles to see if they can act familiar with a total stranger, return baby to mother and repeat.

I think I repeated this about 200 times over two days.

My quads?

Better than bootcamp.

Pickle Works

Pickle booked a job last week for Children’s Place.  She was so brave standing on her little pedestal.  The wrangler was nuts just going crazy town pulling out so many different toys. I probably look like that too, but I like to take a little more time warming into the situation.


Pickle just stood there holding her hand out in a gesture that indicated: gimme that toy.


Her facials also looked about like that.

I think they got one frame of her smiling.  They will most likely have to chop off that head and paste it on to the one favorable body shot they got.

Was it a success? I’d say probably not. In March, you can look for her in stores wearing this little number:

IMG_6772If she made the cut….

Wrangling for Macy’s

More Macy’s Signage popped up on the subway below Macy’s on 34th Street and in the store itself. Pickle and I went on a little scavenger hunt to find some, and we were successful!

mothers day macysI loved how it all turned out. We got a lot done in one day!



Good thing I am an experienced Headshotter, because having little miss at my side was not ideal. She was a trooper though and we got through it.headshto help
headshot helpMy favorite snaps:

shotsMaybe I’ll book again one of these days……

Meanwhile the miss keeps booking away:

picklePhotos by Billy B.  Oh, and he can SANG too.

Mother’s Day at Macy’s

I love working with Liz because I know we will be doing something special on set.  Ironically, I did Mother’s Day with her before. We found ourselves back at it again and she did not disappoint.

macy's wrangling


Yes we were on ladders. No, that grass was not cozy.  Yes, it was freezing cold and there was a heater blowing. Yes, that little pumpkin asked if she was done a bajillion times. No, the flowers are not real. Yes, that woman has two children of her own and a concave stomach.  Yes, she is Brazilian.

On another note, one of my favorite Mom’s is friend Alison, who stars as Edith at 6:26 in Downton, the Musical. Check her out.

Working Girl



Click on this to have it open bigger and get the full story. In brief, Pickle had her second job (first as a Wee Willy) and she nailed it.  My favorite parts:

1. When we arrived I noticed a hundred binkies on the prop counter and realized they probably wanted her shot with one in her mouth. Uh Oh.

2. One of my favorite photographers, who I have worked with as a wrangler, was the photographer that day!

3. The client instructed the hair and makeup to do Pickle’s hair as: JUST WOKE UP FROM A NAP.  Perfect, that’s her hair all the time.

4. After I got Pickle settled on set, I escaped to watch the frames pop up in the monitor in the hall.  When the wrangler returned her to me, Pickle lit up and had so much to tell me about what just happened.  She seemed pretty excited about the whole experience.

5. She never took the binky or put the teether in her mouth, so we’ll see if her shots get picked.

6. Connecticut is so beautiful, especially the Private Beach Communities.

A Crazier Day in the Life

First thing in the morning I got the call that Pickle and I were FINALLY put on hold together for our first job.  I had to converse about some holds I had on certain days of the shoot and make sure everything was good to go.  I was thrilled.

Look! We can still fit on a two-seater!

Look! We can still fit on a two-seater!

We got to the casting at JCREW right when it started at 9:30 AM.  2 other babies were already there hanging out. I had the whole gang with me as it is spring break.  After a half hour, I went to the receptionist and asked the status of the person we were expecting—nothing–no update.

45 minutes later everybody was getting pretty antsy.  By this time there were only 4 babies there.  I saw a sheet on the table that indicated 9 were expected, and the outfits they were to try on were sitting there too.

Finally our guy comes in and explains nobody told him we were here…which is SUPER frustrating to hear when babies are now, bored/tired/passed-their-interest stage and you have 2 more appointments that morning!

First baby FUHREAKS out when it is time to change her clothes.  I hear Mom and the casting guy struggling to get her pic, hemming and hawing about what to do…. I knew she was in a hurry and her energy was NOT helping the situation….I just busted on into that situation and wrangled the patooties out of that baby. We got the shot, she was happy for about 90 seconds…


I literally yelled that.  This baby too was not doing her best in the situation so I stepped in.

I had to go too!

Finally it was our turn and Pickle of course wanted to crawl all around that floor, touch that cashmere and oh! look! there is a safety pin and a TAG to examine on this blanket.

Finally I used my wrangling SKEELZ and got her to sit up, sit still and yes, folks….smile.

See ya J crew!

See ya J crew!

On to the next!

We rode the elevator up with a crate full of chickens who were modeling that day. THEIR wrangler was holding a very tall pole with a net at the end. When I questioned her about it, she said sometimes the chickens fly up to high points on set. Wonderful.

chickens on set

By this time Pickle was quite spent, so I worked to get her to sleep in the Ergo, in the event I could transition her to a couch next to the Bigs.  Of course she had been asleep for probably 1 minute and 46 seconds when it was time for me to go in. I ripped her off me, handed her to Phoebz, showed her where to escape if there were tears and said: Good Luck.

The callback went fine, the girls were fine, I had a half hour to make my last casting. We lucked out and had a cab day! We arrived at Ralph Lauren and saw a baby from JCrew who apparently was ALL DONE for the day  (side note: her Mom was wearing the most ridiculous go-go dress, lacey stockings and knee-length boots–would have looked so cute on a teenager, but unfortunately this woman appeared to be in her mid to late forties), and other babies were dropping like flies.  Apparently there was a miscommunication about this go-see.  I knew it was for FIT modeling, but not everybody got that.

pickle fitting

We were the last ones to go in. We were ushered back into a room where some lovely seamstresses oohed and ahed over the Pickle and said she should really be submitted to the print department.  They measured all her little pieces and parts–(did you know babies have a waist?)—and she just loved ripping up her paper nametag.  She was pretty much a perfect size 9 months and they asked about our schedule etc.   It was a great way to end the morning of crazy castings.

Until I got word that my agents had made a mistake.  I was NOT on hold for the mommy/baby job…just Pickle was. I guess I better get used to that. Out with the old….in with the (very) new.



today show 1

This is not the first time someone thought my last name was Grass. And I always think: “Grass is a ridiculous last name…” but then again, maybe Glass is too.  Anyway, I had a pretty fancy ride to the Today Show…kind of made me forget that it was 5:45 AM.

Here I am in the chair….it is fun to see who stops by-Giada—sooooo tiny.  Martha–in her own private side room, ALWAYS getting her feet rubbed.


I LOVED meeting Cindy Joseph—hearing her story and learning about her cosmetic line.  She was discovered at age 49, on the streets….and did a campaign for Dolce & Gabbana and has been working like crazy ever since (she’s 62).  I can’t wait to try her Boom! Glo.

today 4

That skirt only went on OVER my head….it was a challenging piece–especially when my red lips were ALREADY applied.  It was like 5 degrees out or something ridiculous–the set was GORGEOUS and the fans were a lot more freezing than us.

today 2

Here are the Gilt Girls before the show starts….taking refuge INSIDE.

today show

I loved the giant shoe.  Did I mention it was cold?

today 1

Here is the clip, all the gals look great, but if you just clicked on it to see me, fast forward to 2:10.

I got a lot of love from the twitter/insta/facebook land, but basically my little Posse was not impressed.  My girls said they felt bad for me, Jason said nothing (living by that golden rule—if you can’t say anything nice…yadda yadda).  I think the outfit was just not ME, so they didn’t love it.  “But what about my makeup?” Still, they did not have much to say…

Oh well. I am trying to teach honesty and authenticity around here, so I guess I am glad for the honest feedback.  I always enjoy stopping by Today. It was my first time meeting Savannah—way nice.  Until next time—>